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2023 Wines

Winemakers Notes

I am committed to making European Style dry wines from the best grapes in the Lake Michigan Shore American Viticultural Area. My Ph.D. in environmental microbiology and chemistry informs my winemaking choices, while my training through the Wine & Spirits Education Trust of London guides my instinct for what each wine can become.

The 2023 harvest in Michigan started out with great early fall weather, while late varieties that ripened at the end of October were exposed to cold and wet weather. Luckily, most of the grapes were harvested before the cold and wet set in and I had outstanding fruit to work with. I hope you enjoy the diverse wines I have created this year. I look forward to many more opportunities to share wine and food experiences with all of you!

Dr. Sherry Seston

Ripe Gewurztraminer grape clusters on the vine.

White & Rosé Wines

2023 Single Barrel Chardonnay

This single barrel Chardonnay starts with fruit from Arrowhead Vineyards in Baroda, Michigan. It was one of the first varieties we picked in 2023 and it had great acid and ripeness by the end of September. This particular barrel was 100% free run juice that fermented and aged on the lees in a three year old french oak barrel for 5 months. The resulting wine is rich in tropical pineapple fruit with hints of caramel from the barrel. The lees aging adds texture and creaminess that is balance by the firm acid underlying all. I made plenty of other Chardonnay in 2023, but this barrel was my favorite! Unfined and unfiltered, this wine is naturally gorgeous. Stay with us to try this special Michigan Chardonnay!

Bottle Price: $28 Buy 3 or more: $23.80

2023 Bluebird Rosé

This limited production rosé is a field blend of deep red French varietals hand picked and gently pressed to produce a salmon colored rosé with structure and spice. Very similar in style to the rosé produced in the Bandol region of France. Named in honor of the multiple pairs of bluebirds that nest on our property in South Haven. Book a stay and watch the bluebirds with a glass of wine!

Bottle Price: $22 Buy 3 or more: $18.70

2023 Wren White Blend

A 40% Gewurzträminer / 60% Riesling Blend with a pronounced aroma of lychee and jasmine that really sings! I love the smell of this wine. The flavors deliver the same exotic sweetness and finish with a zingy note of grapefruit pith. Book a stay and relax while listening to song birds and enjoying your complimentary tasting!

Bottle Price: $18 Buy 3 or more: $15.30

2023 White Cabernet Franc

Cabernet Franc is a red grape, but the skins are quite thick. If you pick it a little early and press it just right you can make a white wine from a this wonderful red grape. This technique is used to make a Blanc de Noirs sparkling wine as well. This beautiful wine is not sparkling, but it is spectacular. Complex aromas of ripe stone fruit and sweet herbs combine with a great acid structure and underlying minerality to make a serious white wine. It was worth the extra effort of handpicking the grapes and fermenting in small lots to create this beautiful white wine.

Bottle Price: $24 Buy 3 or more: $20.40

2023 Beach Day Blaufränkisch Rosé

Nothing is better than a Rosé at the Beach! Especially on the shore of Big Blue in South Haven.
Beach Day Rosé is a dry rosé made from 100% Blaufränkisch, picked in early October to preserve acidity and keep to alcohol content on the moderate side. Crisp and refreshing flavors of strawberry and watermelon finish with a bit of mouthwatering spice.

Bottle Price: $16.00 Buy 3 or more: $13.60

Red Wines

2023 Blaufränkisch

Blaufränkisch makes wonderfully peppery and medium bodied red wines. The grape is native to Austria and Hungary and grows very well in the continental climate of Michigan. This vintage I fermented 5 separate lots of Blaufränkisch with different yeast in each to maximize complexity. After fermentation, the wine was aged for 5 months in a 3 year old French Oak barrel to soften the tannins and develop more interesting flavors and structure. This wine is perfect at cellar temperature (55 degrees) and shows flavors of black raspberry, cocoa, and black pepper. We have paired it with a variety of cheeses, charcuterie, and pork. It would also be great with traditional German food such as sausages and sauerkraut!

Bottle Price: $22 Buy 3 or more: $18.70

2022 Tannat

Tannat is a grape varietal native to southwestern France near the border of France and Spain where it grows in the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains. It is known for being an extremely tannic and full bodied wine that improves with both barrel and bottle aging. This particular wine has aged for 1 year in 25% new French Oak and 75% used French Oak. It is drinking very well now with flavors of blackberry, tomato leaf, and graphite all supported by structured firm tannins. It has paired well with rack of lamb, beef tenderloin, and chocolate chip cookies (my personal favorite)! Truly an exceptional wine that I look forward to drinking for years to come.

Bottle Price: $32 Buy 3 or more: $27.20

2022 Merlot

This wine is is made in the style of a Right Bank Bordeaux. Elegant and complex with refined red and black plum, cedar notes, and silky tannins that create a fully structured and long lasting wine without becoming dry or abrasive. It is hard to believe that is made from 100% Lake Michigan Shore fruit. One year in a mixture of new and used French Oak allowed the wine to develop perfectly. I have released it, but am pouring it only sparingly as it has so much potential to improve with age that I would hate to go through it all before it peaks. Taste it now and put some in the cellar for drinking in 2027 or later!

Bottle Price: $28 Buy 3 or more: $23.80

Veritas Estate 2023 Wines
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